Risk Management

An essential ingredient of financial planning is managing risks. In this regard, think of a risk as a threat to your financial well-being. By managing the risk, you reduce this threat.

For example, one way you can manage investment risk is through diversifying your investment portfolio, so that if a particular company or sector goes through a downturn, the loss in your portfolio is minimized.

Many risks are controlled through insurance. In return for small periodic payments, the insurer agrees to absorb a portion of a potentially significant loss or expense.

While we can help you address most insurable risks, we generally focus on these financial risks whose impacts are often underestimated. 

  • Risk of a breadwinner becoming disabled, reducing or ending his/her earning power
  • Risk of a breadwinner dying, ending an income stream the household depends on
  • Risk of major long-term care expenses depleting assets intended to fund retirement


We believe managing risks like these is important to a client’s financial well-being, and therefore an important part of a comprehensive financial plan. Our Financial Advisors can help you understand your household’s risks, insurance options, and appropriate levels of coverage.

Risk Management

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