Life Insurance

Life Insurance should be a fundamental part of your financial planning. The premature death of a primary breadwinner often creates a major disruption to a household’s financial security, not to mention future plans and assumptions. Life insurance was designed to control the risk of this potentially devastating financial setback by providing funds that can be used to:

  • Pay immediate expenses, such as funeral costs and estate taxes.
  • Pay off debts – mortgage, loans, credit cards, and health care expenses.
  • Replace income you would have provided for the household over a period of years.
  • Help make tuition payments so your children will still be able to attend college.
  • Provide ongoing support for a dependent with special needs.
  • Fund a legacy gift for your children, grandchildren, or charities you support.

Life insurance payments are generally tax-free, which can make them a powerful tool for estate planning as well. The amount and the type of life insurance you need depends on many factors, including your age, financial and family situation, health, and more.

We believe managing this kind of risk is important to a client’s financial well-being, and therefore an important part of a comprehensive financial plan. Our Financial Advisors can help you understand your needs and options, and devise an appropriate strategy for providing for your loved ones.

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Life Insurance

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