GEBA Wealth Management Fee Structure

GEBA has a long-held reputation as a member-owned organization that acts in its clients’ best interests – offering unbiased recommendations, quality products, and competitive pricing.

GEBA Wealth Management’s services follow the same client-focused approach. We take client fees seriously and always offer quality and value for our services.

Complimentary Financial Planning Services for GEBA and GEBA Wealth Management Clients

GEBA Wealth Management provides periodic Financial Planning services for GEBA or GEBA Wealth Management clients at no cost, as explained in this table:

Compliementary Financial Planning Services

Managed Portfolio Services for GEBA Wealth Management Clients

For both GEBA Wealth Management Advisor-Directed Portfolios and Morningstar® Managed Portfolios,SM  compensation is based on the client’s Assets Under Management (AUM), as shown in the table below.

managed portfolio compensation12-17

*Fees are only for assets below $500,000. For household investments in advisory accounts under $500,000 discounts may appy. 

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