GEBA Wealth Management provides financial planning and investment advisory services for clients following these principles:

  > Active and Passive Investing: We believe in combining the diversification and cost benefits of Passive (index) Investing with the
     selective stock and segment focus of Active Investing.

  > Buy and Hold Strategy: We believe well-diversified portfolios help clients weather the "downs" of the market while staying
     invested to benefit from the "ups." We work diligently to place clients in well-structured portfolios consistent with their goals, risk
     tolerance, and time horizons.  Adjustments are made mainly to rebalance positions, or due to changes in risk tolerance or
     investment horizons. This strategy provides tax efficiencies as well.

  > Fixed-Income Investment Diversification:  We believe Fixed-Income Investments are necessary components of well-diversified
     portfolios.  Alternative fixed investments, such as a Stable Value Account or Multi-Year Guaranteed Annuity, can also be used in
     addition to traditional Bonds and Bond Funds.  We review fixed investment choices, taking into account forecasted rate changes.

 > Cost to Reward Strategies: We take client fees and the tax implications of our recommendations very seriously. We include
     both when evaluating the benefit of a recommended action or strategy. 

  > Diversification Outside of Traditional Portfolios: Diversified portfolio design is based on the low correlation between price
     changes of different investments. Because of this low correlation in prices, a portfolio made up of both stocks and bonds usually
     carries a lower risk then a portfolio entirely comprised of equities alone.  Recently, however, there have been situations where both
     seem to be moving in unison. We believe in introducing a small percentage of your portfolio into "Market Neutral" investments to
     increase diversification and reduce overall market risk.